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[Micro-Powerhouse development in Palestine]

Eco Planet has made an agreement with a Palestine counterpart to support development of the micro-powerhouse at Jericho Agro-Industrial Park (JAIP) by applying for the environmentally friendly dual carbon battery technology developed by the Power Japan Plus (PJP).

The powerhouse is expected to solve a challenge of unstable and insufficient electricity supply at JAIP by installing solar panels and the dual carbon battery at the industrial park. The dual carbon battery does not use rare metals nor toxic metals for its electrodes, and it can realise power generation in a more environmentally friendly manner. The agreement was made between JKIP’s operating director and representatives of the Eco Planet.


(Mr. Khaled Amleh, JKIP Operating Director (left), Mr. Hiroaki Nishina, Executive Director of the Eco Planet (center), and Mr. Masanobu Yamamoto, Chief Executive Advisor of the Eco Planet (right))


(Center:  Dr. Ali Shaath, Chief Executive Officer, PIEFZA Palestine Industrial Zone; Left-end: Mr. Khaled Ameleh, Operating Director, JAIP; 2nd from the right: Mr. Takeo Matsuzawa, Team Leader, JICA Consultant Team, PIEFZA; 3rd from the left: Mr. Hiroaki Nishina, Executive Director, Eco Planet; Right-end: Mr. Masanobu Yamamoto, Chief Executive Advisor, Eco Planet)

(ref: Introductory video of PIEFZA (Palestine Industrial and Free Zone Authority: here))